Drains Clean and Clear – Concentrate

Drains Clean and Clear – Concentrate

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Keeps all waste pipes clear and odour-free simply and naturally.

This concentrated liquid contains friendly bacteria that get to work in their billions to help restore and maintain healthy efficient septic systems and clear drainage pipes. Designed to prevent expensive blockages and eliminate unpleasant smells. Safe, non-chemical and easy to use.

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The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.


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Microbes love to break down solid waste, so why not harness their power to clear drains and remove unwanted odours? They efficiently digest organic material, including fats and grease. Perfect for septic tanks to maintain a natural digestion process and reduce sediment. With help from microbes, you can potentially save on maintenance costs, reduce pollutants and ensure that water released into the environment is cleaner and purer.

What's in it?

Hand brewed with love and water, sugar cane molasses, beneficial microbes (lactic acid bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts).

The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

Cleaning with microbes

Use regularly to maintain your drainage system.

For wastepipes dilute 1:4 with water and add 50ml to sinks, shower and bath outlets weekly to keep wastepipes clear. Leave overnight to allow microbes maximum munching time.

For blocked drains dilute 1:4 with water and apply daily until blockage and smells are gone, then maintain regularly as aboveIf blockage persists, use a stronger solution either 1:2 with water or undiluted. 

For septic tanks use 1 litre per m3 tank capacity for one-off treatment. After 2-3 weeks the microbes should have become established in the system. For regular weekly dosing, flush 250ml of Drains Clean and Clear (undiluted) per person into your system.

Caring for your microbes

Keep at room temperature, out of sunlight and do not drink.

1 review for Drains Clean and Clear – Concentrate

  1. Victoria

    The maintenance manager was having problems with the drains in our local public swimming pool. He didn’t want to use a toxic chemical drain cleaner. Within half an hour of using Microbz drains clean and clear, the drains were completely clear with no smell.

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