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It's time to work with nature
The green future of cleaning: lady in floral dress spray probiotic cleaners on to a white surface
Smart, safe and effective – what is it?
Why should you switch to probiotic cleaners?
Introducing one solution: microbial cleaners
Microbes in November
Microbes in October
Naish House
Microbes - The world’s best recyclers.

3 new ways microbes are helping to treat waste  

The world’s best recyclers. Microbes love to munch on dirt and grease, but they don’t just eat nature’s waste, they recycle it. Natural environments have a cycle of life and death and microbe...


Microbes in May

Here is my diary of all the different ways I use microbes at Spirthill. This routine works a treat – and I love knowing that it is 100% chemical free.