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Microbial cleaners outshine all challengers

Microbial cleaners are safer than chemical cleaners and work better than natural cleaners

They instantly deliver live beneficial microbes to your home’s surfaces. Then these hungry micro-organisms get busy right away, feeding on grease, fats and dirt breaking them down naturally - all the while protecting your home from pathogenic microbes.

a droplet shape with all 15 strains of probiotics for your gut health, cleaning, pets and garden

Why microbz?

Probiotic cleaners really wipe the floor with their anti-bacterial rivals. Chemical cleaners may eradicate all microbes, but they immediately bounce back, and there’s more chance that harmful microbes will become resistant.

So, why not give your home and health a treat by giving our bio live multi-purpose cleaners a try?

They’re bio-diverse with 15 different microbial strains. They’re sustainable, eco-friendly, allergy friendly, non-toxic and 100% natural. They’re also 100% magic.

How microbes work to clean your home

By restoring the balance of positive microbes in your home, harmful bacteria are crowded out, leaving your home better protected and your surfaces cleaner for longer. 

Studies show that microbial cleaners reduce pathogenic activity more effectively than chemical cleaners even after 24 hours.

How to use them?

Simply mix 5ml of our concentrate with water in a 500ml spray bottle, and spray away. Leave for a couple of minutes so the microbes can get munching, then wipe and be amazed by how all surfaces and spaces are fresh and sweet smelling.

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