How green is our business?

We’re committed to looking after the planet 

The team is passionate about working – like the microbes do – to close the gap on our waste products. We want to ensure our business, products and packaging do as little harm as possible to the environment and even enhance microbial diversity where possible.

100% recycled plastic bottles

One of the most exciting features of our new eco-friendly packaging is our use of 100% recycled PET (rPET) bottles. These bottles are made from post-consumer beverage plastic bottles of original food grade quality. Our suppliers have invested in cutting edge technology (they call it the Starllinger IV+) to transform used bottles into food grade recycled plastic materials. 

bottle of microbz sustain on grass

A market leading sustainable lid

We have chosen a high-density polyethylene cap that is designed to be recycled. One of the first on the market!

These caps meet stringent requirements for contact with food, making them a safe choice for a wide range of products. When you’re finished with your bottle of probiotics, put your bottle in the recycling safe in the knowledge that these caps can easily be recycled.

Labels - what we wrap our microbes up in

We have gone with an eco label supplier and an eco friendly label made with ClearFlake technology.

ClearFlake labels are easy to remove in the recycling process to ensure the bottle and the lid can easily be recycled.

Our labels are printed digitally which has environmental benefits including reduced print waste and no need to use UV curing, solvents, or plates. We work with printers that enable a reduction of approximately 50% in consumption and waste and are awarded the Green Leaf Mark from Intertek; one of the world’s leading independent certification and testing companies.

But we want to go even further. We are investigating paper labels which can be pulped after use and recycled. Right now this technology is not available to us at our volumes but we are working towards it.

Cool cardboard boxes

All of our boxes and packing tape are made from 100% recycled materials

What else are we doing?

  • we use a renewable energy supplier
  • we shred the cardboard we receive for customer packaging
  • use organic ingredients where possible
  • use packing tape that is 100% biodegradable
  • use our probiotic cleaners throughout our offices and brewery. No chemical cleaners on site!
  • buy all office supplies from the ethical superstore
  • use paper from FSC managed forests
  • recycle everything used in the office e.g. paper/plastic/glass/compost

What are we working to improve?

  • closing the circle on all waste produced in the offices and brewery
  • increasing the number of ingredients that are organic and that are locally sourced