Natural gardening products with probiotics

Microbes play a leading role in the health of your soils and plants

Think of your garden and picture this.

Rich, healthy soil. Vigorous growth. Robust plants. All flourishing long into the future. 

You can turn these pictures into reality simply by switching to 100% chemical-free microbial gardening products that deliver the power of beneficial microbes.

a droplet shape with all 15 strains of probiotics for your gut health, cleaning, pets and garden

Why microbz?

These miraculous micro-organisms are the best little gardening assistants you could ask for. Here are five vital tasks they take on with enthusiasm:

  • Delivering essential positive bacteria and minerals into the soil, preparing it for planting
  • Proven to improve germination, root formation, flowering and fruiting
  • Accelerating the natural breakdown of food and plant waste, and compost
  • Building resistance to pests and diseases with 15 strains of bio live micro-organisms
  • And the best part? Our natural gardening products are safe to use near children and pets, with no time to wait before harvesting and eating. Yum.
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a woman gardening with a cut out close up illustration of the hidden world of microbes

How microbes work in your garden

Microscopic microbes in their billions determine the entire natural cycle of life.

They break down organic matter into the building blocks of life, making them available for rebirth and regrowth. 

We have lost microbial bio-diversity in soil through overuse of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. Even if you own a small patch of soil, you can do something big with it. It is time to rebalance soil biology for our health, and for the health of the planet. 

Close upof pink flowers with a cut out illustration of the hidden world of microbes

Every plant has a microbiome

Every plant has a microbiome – just as we do – centred in its roots, within the rhizosphere. This community of microbes sources nutrients for the plant from the surrounding soil, according to plant signals in the form of exudate sugars. Microbes also attract earthworms, a key marker for soil health because they integrate organic matter and benefit soil structure. 

It all starts from the ground up.

Adding positive microbes to your soil is easy. You can dilute any of our wide range of liquid garden products in a watering can or sprayer. One liter of microbz soil conditioner, for instance, makes 10 liters of liquid magic.

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How to use them

Our organic gardening products are all packed with these miniature wonders of nature. You can use them in three ways. 


Spray them on your plants and soil to boost fertility and strengthen growth 


Add them to your compost to speed up breakdown and increase your soil’s microbial diversity 


Or pour them into your pond, where they’ll work to reduce algae, sediment and sludge.

Hear from our customers

Sid Truelove

Tomatoes, peppers all veg loves this stuff.

Has everything in it at a reasonable price. Bursting full of micro nutrients. I use it on the whole garden and comes in a handy 5litre bottle saving you a bit.


Great product applied to my sun scorched lawn

Great product applied to my sun scorched lawn following our spell of hot weather. Good watering and found the soil conditioner product has revived my lawn .. lawn is now green and healthy.. Great product!c

My lovely things

It works well

I use this product mixed with water in a squirting bottle for inoculating Bokashi kitchen waste being added to a bucket prior to anaerobic fermentation for several weeks.
It works very well and is great value compared to the alternative

Amazon customer

Thrilled by the difference it made

I had made a large flower bed for small shrubs and perennials but I didn't know that a large tree that had been cut down years ago in the same area.I was very disappointed with the plants growth when spring came.I bought this product after doing some research and have been thrilled by the difference it has made

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