How did it start?

Our involvement with microbes is all that you would wish a love affair to be: full of excitement to be learning and growing, caring for and nurturing the brews, wishing for the best outcomes, and feeling lucky and privileged.

We love our connection to this life-sustaining technology that is endlessly fascinating and evolving, with multiple solutions for our modern life. 

In 2007 our life coaching business took an unexpected new direction. Jeff was asked to join a philanthropist who travelled the globe looking for solutions to environmental problems. His job was to mediate the potential conflicts of interest between investors and innovators, so that new green technologies could be smoothly and successfully brought to market.

It was a fascinating time of travel and discovery. He saw brave new projects, from purifying oil-polluted water with electrical charges in East Africa to making clothes with healing properties in Arizona.

When he got home, we took an early morning walk overlooking the Wiltshire hills. Jeff described the technology he saw in Europe and Australia that really excited him: Microbial Balancing Technology.

The connection we felt, with the microbes, with each other, and with the potential of this ‘solution’ for the planet, was immediate and expansive. We committed to learning more and quickly turned one of our outbuildings into a mini-brewery.

The first 5-litre jars of human probiotics were trialled by us, and by friends and family who luckily were willing guinea pigs. Now we’re up to 100 and 300-litre containers, regular lab tests, online marketing and a fully functioning business, and the range of brews has grown to include probiotics for animals, for cleaning, and for gardens.

Our hope is that every person who uses microbes sees a health benefit and knows that they are contributing to the health of our precious planet. 

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