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What we believe in

Joining forces with nature

It all began when we were searching for a better way to live, a more natural way to look after our health, our home and our garden. We asked the question: could there be a kinder and smarter alternative to chemicals?

We discovered the answer. Right under our feet.

A magical underworld of tiny organisms: the rich and complex realm of soil microbes.

As we dug deeper, we learned that, in their billions, these minuscule miracles are vital to the health of our soils, our plants, our bodies, our animals and our climate.

But we also learned that these micro-organisms we depend on so much have been endangered by air and water pollution, the chemicals we use in our homes, oxidation, and the overuse of antibiotics.

The result? Serious setbacks for human health.  

That's when we made a life-changing decision. To switch to probiotics.

Not just taking them. 

But making them.

And not just using them in our bodies but also in our home and garden. Here's what happened.

Birds, bees, and butterflies flocked back, our roses flourished, free of greenfly, and our labrador Kit's golden coat shone. Our home grew cleaner (and stayed cleaner), and we felt a real uplift in our physical and mental wellbeing.

Now we’re on a mission to encourage you to reconnect with the power of microbes, too.

By embracing a probiotic life.

More about our unique products

To help you boost the microbial health of your environments, we craft probiotic solutions that are unique. Microbz probiotics are richer and more diverse, harvested naturally from soil, dispensed in liquid form, and blended with traditional herbs and minerals that support the natural intelligence of your body.

Championing the astonishing power of microbes is what we get up for every day.

We're motivated by three convictions: the world of microbes is an invisible force for good that exists inside us and all around us, microbes created all life and connect us to nature, and we need to work with them to sustain human and environmental health and resilience both now and in the future. 

Will you join us and play your part in the big microbial rebalancing revolution that needs to happen?

You only need guts (or a garden) to get started.  

Join forces with nature