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Our community has spent 15 years using probiotics in guts, homes and gardens

They've seen many benefits for health and nature and so we’re on a mission to make it easy for you to do the same.

Probiotics – otherwise known as microbes or good bacteria – have an important role to play in boosting gut health.  

But probiotics can do so much more.

Your plants have a microbiome and your home does too. Building a balance of microbes rather than killing them with chemicals will support your health and the planet.

The world of microbes is an invisible force for good that exists inside us and all around us.

Join forces with it.

And lead a healthier life inside and out.

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Probiotics to restore and maintain a healthy gut

We are the first in the UK to harvest living microbes directly from the soil.

By harvesting microbes from soil, rather than engineering them in a lab, we’re replicating the way nature has supported human health for centuries.

Your gut is referred to as your second brain, so a healthy gut is important. Without the right balance of microbes within it, nutrition absorption, digestion and overall health can be affected.

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Begin your gut health journey


Maintain good gut health, month by month

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90 day gut reboot

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Why microbz?

To help you boost your gut health and overall physical wellbeing, we’ve crafted an exceptionally effective product that’s formulated to work with the natural intelligence of your body.

Here are 7 distinct characteristics that make it the gold standard:

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1. It's a living liquid

So your body absorbs it better and more live bacteria reach the lower part of your gut, ready to get busy.

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2. It's diverse

Diversity is key to gut health. Our probiotic has 15 strains and billions of microbes in every dose.

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3. It's blended

Our probiotics are fermented with traditional herbs and minerals to reduce inflammation.

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4. It's fermented

Fermented foods are packed with beneficial microbes and enzymes that support health.

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5. It's natural

We harvest our cultures from soil, so 100% of our microbes are derived from nature rather than made in a lab.

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6. It's clean

Our probiotic is free of gluten, GM, wheat, dairy and sugar and it's vegan and vegetarian approved. 

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7. It's antioxidant-rich

It's packed with antioxidants, which keep you healthy by neutralising free radicals and protecting your cells.

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"SBOs or soil-based organisms, improve our gut health by populating our microbiomes with a wider range of naturally beneficial bacteria than we would otherwise get from modern-day foods. They’re a lost art, as in ancient times we would have ingested them from foraged foods or crops eaten without thorough washing, heat treatment or food processing. I am a big fan of SBOs as an additional support for gut health and especially like brands such as microbz, that grow their probiotic cultures from ancient wild pastures."

Liz Earle

Soil health is human health

The food you eat is less nutritious than it was 70 years ago. Why?

Because the soil that food is grown in is less nutritious. Why?

Because the soil microbiology is very depleted.

But it need not be like that forever. Soil health can be renewed.

We are proud to announce: microbz for agriculture. 

We're not simply selling you probiotics for your gut health (although ours are the best on the market!) We want to add more microbes to soil.

Healthy soils absorb and retain more vitamins and minerals so that in the next 70 years you might not need our health supplements(or anyone else's) in the first place.

microbes for you garden microbes for agriculture
woman smiling with a colourful illustrative cut out to demonstrate microbial diversity

New to microbes?

Are you struggling with your health? Do you experience gut
issues such as IBS or acid reflux?

Not sure where to start?

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Did you know that microbes can also be used for. . .

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Hear from our customers

Victoria Beecher

Products arrived quickly and are miraculous

My body actually can feel the difference and I use the product topically on psoriasis and it is actually clearing up ! Miracle
Am recommending to everyone

Daisy Sherwood

After finding microbz I haven’t looked back

As a health coach I spent a long time searching for the best quality product I could get in the UK. After finding microbz I haven’t looked back. I buy the ‘simple’ bottle and recommend it to all my clients. Very happy and love the company.


This probiotic has really helped my IBS and settled my bloating.

couldn’t be without it and I think it is extremely good value. The Gold has 50 different ingredients as well as the microbes which feels really generous.

Myra West

I was amazed by this product

I was amazed by this product and the balance it bought to my hormones every month. Easy purchase through the website and super quick delivery. 😊

How are people saying microbes have helped them?

We think our probiotics are the best on the market, but then we would!

Don't take our word for it. Hear from the people who have been taking them for a while and let them tell you how life changing they can be.

Sophie Dawdry

It helped with my sleep and generally feeling better in myself. I would highly recommend microbz, there’s lots of benefits and lots of varieties so it’s ideal.

Laura Garwood

It’s changed me and my little boy’s life. It’s all natural, it’s all good, it’s in a liquid so it’s easy to take, you can’t go wrong with it.

Martine Woodvine

I was very cranky and moody, I had IBS flareups and I also had fibromyalgia. They all fed into that cycle and sparked each other off. Now there are very few flareups and it all holds itself in check.

Join forces with nature

Our cultures are reverently harvested from soil because the microbes found in nature create the conditions for life to thrive. They have done for millions of years.

We don't make our cultures in a lab. We don't believe in dissecting nature and choosing certain microbes.

We are on a mission to offer a bridge to nature and the miraculous microbial diversity it contains.

This is your invitation to join us and play your part in the microbial rebalancing revolution that needs to happen.

Katie Allen and Kit the dog standing in the spirthill field over looking the pond
Colourful illustration showing the microbial diversity of the pond at Spirthill, with Katie Allen and Kit the dog in the foreground.

Championing the astonishing power of microbes is what we get up for every day.

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