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At Microbz we brew bio live cultures, also known as probiotics, for your health, home, garden and animals.

All products are 100% natural and chemical free. They are hand brewed in Wiltshire by a dedicated team who cares about creating happy and healthy environments. Sustainable and effective – this is a technology everyone and everything can thrive on.

Overuse of antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals designed to kill harmful microorganisms, or microbes (single cell organisms) has tipped our environment out of balance.

Healthy people and healthy environments happen naturally when there is diversity and a balance of microbes. Probiotics boost beneficial microbes and restore that balance.

Why Microbz?

Microbz home - family business

Family business

Microbz home - Made with love in the UK

Made with love in the UK

Microbz home - Recyclable packaging

Recylable packaging

Microbz home - 100% natural

100% natural

Microbz home - Gluten, dairy and sugar free

Gluten, dairy & sugar free

Microbz home - Vegan approved

Vegan approved*

Explore our microbzpedia

Explore the history, botanical and biochemical properties and uses of each of our ingredients in our microbzpedia


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Giving back

Buy Bio-Live online and help feed children in India

Our promise: every time you buy a 475ml bottle of Bio-Live online we give 50p to help feed children and their mothers in rural India so they get the best possible start in life.

We are partners with an inspiring organisation called SCAD (Social Change and Development) based in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. They work in 600 villages helping vulnerable children and their mothers.

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