Probiotic garden toolkit

Get everything you need for your garden from kitchen waste bucket to rose bloom with our complete chemical-free gardening toolkit. Five products that will work together to accelerate the fermentation of compost, boost soil and plant health, and keep bugs away.

You can’t see the invisible microbiome in your garden, and so it’s not easy to believe that it’s there, but you can see the effects of killing it off: poor soil structure, diseased plants, poor water retention, fewer insects, less wildlife, and an influx of pests.

Adding effective microorganisms to your gardening at every stage will help to rebuild good soil and plant health and bring life – visible and invisible – back to your garden.

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Why microbz?

Because it is diverse.

Diversity is key to soil and plant health.


These are any questions you get asked a lot from delivery, the products, about microbes, etc