Support your respiratory system with this multi strain culture containing billions of living microbes and herbs including peppermint and liquorice root designed to aid your lungs.

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your probiotic daily routine

1 spoon 15 ml of our liquid probiotics is needed each day for your gut health

step 1

Take a 15ml tablespoon of Breathe every morning before you have breakfast

a droplet shape with all 15 strains of probiotics for your gut health, cleaning, pets and garden

step 2

Delivers billions of living bacteria to your gut. Brewed to 3.2ph to survive stomach acid

step 3

Say goodbye to gut discomfort and hello to a healthier you with Microbz.

Why choose microbz?

Because it is diverse.

Diversity is key to your gut health. Our probiotics have 15 strains making it a broad spectrum probiotic, with billions of beneficial microbes in every shot.

It’s liquid

So your body absorbs it better and more live bacteria reach the lower part of your gut, ready to get busy.

It's blended

Our probiotics are fermented with traditional herbs and minerals to reduce your inflammation and support your immunity. The herbs and minerals give the microbes what they need to create health, and the microbes help you absorb their goodness.

Herbal ingredients



A perennial herb growing to approximately 50cm (1ft 8in) in height with quadrangular stems. Leaves are dark green, slightly paler on the underside, ovate – lanceolate in shape and opposites. The flowers are pinkish/mauve in colour, tubular with four lobes. It rarely produces seeds and is a hybrid species from Mentha spicata and Mentha aquatica.


Carminative, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, aromatic, diaphoretic, anti-emetic, nervine, anti-microbial and analgesic.



A hardy perennial growing to 1.5m (4.6ft) in height. Leaves are elliptical in shape, green in colour and sticky on the underside. The clusters of blue-violet flowers are plentiful. Fruit up to 2cm long. The root system is comprised of taproots, branch rootstock and runners. Long cylindrical roots 14-20m in length and 5-20mm in diameter with a yellow coloured interior. In the fourth year of growth the roots are harvested, washed and dried.


Adaptogen, adrenal restorative, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-tussive, demulcent, mild laxative, hypertensive, oestrogenic. Topically: anti-viral and acne.



Velvety perennial that can grow up to 2.2m. The roots are thick, tough and long, whitish yellow outside, whilst white and fibrous within. The leaves are ovate-cordate and 2-3 inches in length with pink flowers that bloom during August and September. The flowers are followed by flat round fruit commonly called ‘cheeses’.


Leaf and root: demulcent-mucilage, emollient-mucilage and diuretic. Root also vulnerably. Leaf also expectorant.



The whole plant is downy and grows stout and erect to 1.50m (4-5ft), in height. The leaves are large, ovate and pointed, velvety underneath with toothed margins.Those on the stem become shorter and broader. The bright yellow flowers in large terminal heads on long stalks resemble a sunflower. After the flowers have fallen the fruit becomes visible, quadrangular in shape and crowned by a ring of reddish hairs. The perennial root is large and succulent, spindle in shape, brown in colour and aromatic.


Stimulating expectorant-sesquiterpene lactones, diaphoretic, warming, anti-tussive, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic to the respiratory tract and digestive tonic. The individual constituents of Inula the lactones are antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal (in vitro). They are considered to have both anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties.



A perennial woody garden herb growing up to 30cm (1ft) in height. Thyme is an aromatic, delicate herb covered in short hairs. The grey/green leaves are opposites with bountiful oil globules. The tiny, bell shaped flowers are pink-light purple in colour. Nutlets are dark brown.


Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-tussive, expectorant, antiseptic, carminative, spasmolytic, bitter tonic, astringent and anthelmintic.

Ask our nutritionist

I have been a complementary therapist for 30 years trained in holistic, multi-disciplinary approaches of health and wellbeing for all ages. From the start, nutrition and working with nature has been my foundation and 13 years ago I discovered the wonderful world of our microbiome and beneficial microbes which brings it all together and connects us to everything and which I am passionate about. 


Zara Kirk ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐