Streptococcus thermophilus

Which probiotic is it in? All

Species: Gram-positive bacteria, and a fermentative facultative anaerobe, of the viridans group.

Location in the body: The stomach.

This microbe produces: Folic acid, formic acid and serotonin.


Russian biologist Ellie Metchnikoff discovered this strain in 1907.

Found in:

Yoghurt and fermented milk.

What does this microbe do?

It keeps the gut healthy by binding to the intestinal cells in the intestines and keeping harmful pathogens out. It is also known to reduce gut inflammation and improve immune health.


Acne applied topically to the skin. It can also help diarrhoea, depression, ulcerative colitis, gut dysbiosis, IBS, prevent and fight upper respiratory infection (e.g. pneumonia).


Best before food. Adult: 10-20ml daily. Children: 5-15ml daily

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