Soil Conditioner: Natural Soil Improver

Soil Conditioner: Natural Soil Improver


Healthy soil is a balanced ecosystem of billions of microbes. Microbz Soil Conditioner is designed to maintain your soil’s fertility. It aims to deliver a host of beneficial microbes and essential minerals, restoring depleted soil in autumn and preparing the soil for planting in spring. It encourages root formation and improves the physical and biological condition of soil – and healthy soil means healthy plants.

Use diluted in a watering can or sprayer. 1 litre of Soil Conditioner makes 10 litres of liquid magic.

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The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary. 


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Soil Conditioner has been designed as a natural and effective solution for your garden to deliver billions of friendly microbes plus vital minerals to make the soil healthier and more fertile. Other benefits could include increased development of humus and increased water and nutrient retention. It also encourages root growth and maintain resistance to diseases.

What's in it?

Hand brewed with love and purified water, beneficial microbes, molasses, concentrated liquid minerals, folic and humic acid, mycorrhizal fungi and phosphates. GMO and chemical free.

The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

Using your microbes

Dilute 1:10 (100ml Soil Conditioner mixed with 1 litre of water) and apply liberally 4-6 times per year, either in a watering can or sprayer. Unchlorinated water works best – allow tap water to stand for 30 minutes to dechlorinate. Do not apply in direct sunlight: early morning or evening works well; immediately before or after rain is ideal as microbes thrive with water. No time limit before sowing, planting or harvesting crops.

Caring for your microbes

Keep at room temperature, out of sunlight and do not drink.


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