Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil


Magnesium is an important nutrient and it’s involved in many essential bodily functions. Today our soils and foods contain less magnesium so including this Magnesium Oil in your life boosts intra-cellular magnesium levels, vital for overall health.

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The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.


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Magnesium is involved in many essential life supporting functions in the human body. The European Food Safety Authority has acknowledged magnesium as a nutrient that supports metabolism, maintenance of bone health, muscle function, nerve function, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, reduction of bruising and joint ache, and normal function of the heart muscles.

What's in it?

 Dead sea minerals, magnesium chloride, sea water and sea water concentrate. The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

Using your microbes

Apply directly to the skin ideally after washing and gently massage in, or add to a bath. Can be left to dry naturally. Always test skin for possible negative reactions. Will not stain. 1 tsp can be added to water as a mouthwash to help promote healthy teeth and gums. Hold for a few minutes and then spit out. Can be swallowed safely but may have a laxative effect. Do not use undiluted on broken skin.

Caring for your microbes

Keep out of direct sunlight. No limited shelf life, it lasts forever. Keep out of the reach of children


  1. Mark

    This is really helpful for aching muscles and cramp.

  2. Victoria

    This really helped my husband’s chronic problem with restless legs. After many months of not sleeping properly he finally found complete relief once he used the magnesium oil.

  3. Charlotte Steptoe

    I am a Teacher of Sport, Personal Trainer, Athlete and Class Fitness Instructor – so always on the go.

    I have used magnesium oil within the bath so I can easily soak and relax and I have also used it directly on the skin.

    Since using the magnesium oil I feel it has aided muscle soreness and recovery after training and this has therefore supported the following day for further training in my programme.

    I feel calmer and relaxed and this has really helped me have a good night sleep, which is vital for recovery and I just wasn’t getting that with achey muscles and irritability.

    Overall I feel stronger and healthier.

    I’m looking forward to see how this oil will help me through the next season.

    Highly recommend this!

  4. River Brown

    This magnesium oil is far better than my home-made version and I would recommend this product if you have a specific chronic problem/pain. Using magnesium oil got rid of a pain that I had in the left side of my stomach that I had had for 2 years (GP was no help at all). I had to use it twice every day rigidly or the pain would come back if I skipped a day; after using it for about a year I no longer have to use it for this specific problem.
    Also, my mum had Sciatica; she rubbed in this oil and it was gone within 2 weeks. The wonder that is magnesium oil; I totally recommend from Microbz.

  5. Angela Holtom (verified owner)

    It is great stuff. An amazing product.

    I suffer with muscle spasms, cramp and muscle tension to the extent that my muscles are swollen and painful. My kneecap was swollen and I had fluid at the side of my knee. I applied magnesium oil and it reduced the swelling to an almost recognisable knee. The muscles around my neck are always in tension and after applying magnesium oil they are gradually relaxing and I would anticipate over time they will go back to normal.

  6. Derek Moore (verified owner)

    76 Year old male. I used to use Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil which is a Topical Spray but left the skin uncomfortable and didn’t feel any benefits from using. After using Biolive Dark for a few months and really feeling the digestion benefits I thought I would try the Magnesium Oil. I rub it on my skin around my knees as the are quite achy. What a difference it makes as my knee pains has disappeared. Love MICROBZ for health

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