Saccharomyces Cervisiae: an image of a non motile fungi

Saccharomyces cervisiae

Bio-Live: All

Species: A non-motile fungi that reproduce by budding. Both Gram-positive and Gram-negative.

Location in the body: The mouth, intestines and skin.

History: Louis Pasteur discovered the Saccharomyces cervisiae in1857. Is was the first eukaryote for which a genome was completely sequenced and has been studied as a model organism for decades.

Found in: Skins of grapes and other fruit.

What does this microbe do? Used as a cell factory to produce insulin, human serum, albumin and hepatitis vaccines.

Indications: Gastrointestinal disorders e.g. inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea.

Quantity: Bio-Live: for prevention and treatment. Best before food. Adult: 10-20ml daily. Children: 5-15ml daily


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