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There are around 100 trillion microbes in your gut – ten times more than all the cells in your body – making your gut central to your health and happiness. Our Bio-Live range is designed to deliver and maintain the balance of the beneficial microbes in your microbiome. This living liquid probiotic drink is a gentle, safe and natural way to promote digestive health and support the immune system. Read more about gut health.

We are also proud to offer Bioemsan products that are certified organic bio cosmetics from Austria. They are all free from synthetic emulsifiers, surfactants, fragrances and colours, certified as skin kind, are cruelty-free and GM-free. Read more about Bioemsan products.

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Microbz for your pets


At they combine active, beneficial microbes in unique blends designed to create a naturally healthy and balanced environment for your pets and their home.

Go to the microbz for pets website here.

Microbz for your horse

At they make unique natural combinations of beneficial microbes designed to benefit horses, stables and paddocks.

Go to the microbz for horses website here.

Microbz for your farm

At they use beneficial microbes help to improve soil quality and reduce the need for fertilisers.

Go to the microbz for farms website here.


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