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Behind the scenes: how we actually make our probiotics

Behind the scenes: how we actually make our probiotics

You already know that the Microbz probiotics are full of healthy microbes to build up your microbial diversity; they're naturally made, combined with natural herbs, vegan*, gluten, dairy and sugar free.

But do you know how they are actually made? How do we get microbes into a bottle? Here's a step-by-step guide to how we go from soil, to bottle, to you.

We recently welcomed Liz Earle MBE to Microbz HQ, where founders and power couple Sue and Jeff talked her through the process. You can watch the video here. [embed][/embed]

1. We harvest the microbes 

We use soil-based microbes in our products. We harvest them from the un-ploughed and chemical-free soil on our land here in Wiltshire. Diversity is key. We use a starch source to feed the microbes, for example rice. We then dig a big hole and put the starch base in. After a week or so, all of the microbes in the soil have congregated around the food source. We harvest it, and the microbes along it and boost the fermentation process. How do we know we've got microbes? They make the most beautiful colours. 

2. Fermentation. We take the starter produce - which will already contain billions of microbes - into the heart of Microbz production HQ. Here is where we mix it with molasses and put it through the first fermentation process which takes about 2-3 weeks, in a warm environment where it is constantly stirred. As Jeff says: 'fermentation is magic! No-one knows exactly how it happens, but the levels of vitamins can be enormously boosted during this process.' 

3. Add in the extras. Then we separate it and ferment it another two times, on round three adding in extra fruit juices, minerals and herbs depending on the superbrew we want to make. We use key ingredients such as organic blueberry juice, apple cider vinegar and lots of other things. 

4. Filtration. The solution is then filtered, and we let it rest.

5. Bottling. The solution goes directly into our bottles and out to our customers. We keep close tabs on which solution has which combination of herbs and minerals into it so we can match up the labels. For example, our sleep probiotic includes things like chamomile, oat straw and valerian which all promote healthy sleep. 

If you want to hear more about us and how we make our products then sign up to our newsletter here and you can ask the team a question by emailing or speak to our in-house nutritionist if you have a specific question about your symptoms. 

* microbz revive (previously Bio-Live Revive) and microbz fitness (previously Bio-Live Fitness) are not vegan

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