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How diverse is your probiotic?

How diverse is your probiotic?

“It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for - the whole thing – rather than just one or two stars.”                  

David Attenborough

Inspirational biologist and broadcaster David Attenborough has spent decades highlighting the rich tapestry of the natural world, championing every diverse aspect of it – no one plant or animal is more or less important than any other; every one of them is interdependent and connected within that tapestry.

And the same seems to be true in the invisible world of gut microbes. New research highlights how communities of diverse microbes protect the gut microbiome from pathogens – where single strains of microbes do not show a similar effect.

Researchers found that when multiple strains of bacteria coexist together, they gobble up the nutrients that pathogens need to survive, depriving them of the food they need. They call this the ‘community protection effect’.

Whereas single strains of microbes – even the same strains - do not have the same effect. These findings support the importance of building diverse microbial communities in the gut, as a way to combat gut pathogens. They also explain why people might be more susceptible to bacterial pathogens after a course of antibiotics, which lower the diversity of gut bacteria.

At microbz we brew gut probiotics with 15 strains of live bacteria. Within these main families of microbes there are lots of different sub-families adding even more diversity. Every bottle delivers billions of different beneficial microbes to support the diversity of your gut microbiome.

But don’t thank us for that. All the credit should go to nature.

Because we harvest our microbes from good quality soil, we just c the diversity that is already there. For over 4 billion years microbes have collaborated to create our beautiful and complex natural world that David Attenborough ceaselessly celebrates and so do we.

Microbes are stronger together. Why not harness their communities to help you maintain maximum health and wellbeing?

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