Join forces with nature

Join forces with nature

This year has been a journey for us! 

We have wanted to update our website and refresh our brand for a while. So, in January we started the process and here we are in November launching our new vision.

And we’re so excited.

What we love about the process of looking at branding is that we get to hone what we stand for, what we believe in. The thing that really lights us up and puts a fire in our belly.

A tagline is more than words. It is an expression of our values. It is a message that encapsulates what we aim to bring our customers.

It starts from our very core and essential belief that we trust in nature. We trust in the diversity of microbial life that created the conditions for all life on earth. We trust that these invisible creatures have a natural intelligence and a complexity that underpins the incredible aspects of nature we see all around us.

We love learning more about the benefits that microbes give us, but we don’t strive to dissect and control the world of microbes. We don’t believe that probiotics should be made synthetically. We don’t believe that an ever-increasing competition over CFU counts is meaningful for health. We don’t believe it is possible to classify and categorise every species of microbes on this planet, or choose which single microbe will solve a particular health issue.

We want to go in the other direction; we want to go back to nature, to the source. It is our belief that nature knows. The whole diverse combination of microbes is greater than the sum of its parts and, it turns out, we depend on a vast army of microbes to stay alive: a microbiome that protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins. A microbiome that regulates our hormones, our mood, our digestion, our resilience to disease, and countless other functions in the body. Just as the microbiome of the soil determines the health of our food.

We trust the diversity of microbes that we find in soil as the basis of life on this planet to strive for health. We harvest them, ferment them, bottle them and send them to you.

At first we liked the tagline

Microbz: they’re a force of nature

Because we wanted to give them, the microbes, the kudos, give them the limelight.

But then we realised that what we want to highlight is how to work with them. When have humans not been in symbiosis with microbes?! But perhaps we need to join with the force that is microbes, because they are in us and all around us in their billions. To join forces for health, for resilience, for life.

So we went with

Microbz: join forces with nature

This tagline becomes our rallying cry. It is needed because we live in a world with so much ill health and dis-ease and microbes offer us a way back to natural health and resilience. We are not separate from nature; rather, the further we get from it the more unhappy and unhealthy we become.

So we invite you to join forces with nature. 

Our rallying cry is for a you if you also believe in nature, believe in rebalancing not fighting bacteria. If you believe it is possible to regenerate this planet from the smallest of organisms. It is for you if you understand the importance of protecting the diversity of microbes as much as in protecting the Amazon rainforest or the oceans. If you can see the harm chemicals and anti-bacterial products have caused us and our planet, and you are looking for a better way.

We are on a mission to offer a bridge to nature and the miraculous microbial diversity it contains. Our tagline is a reminder that the more we value the microbial diversity in our environment, the more balanced and secure we become.

It isn’t just a tagline; it’s a philosophy, a commitment and a mission.

And this is your invitation to join us and play your part in the microbial rebalancing revolution that needs to happen.

Join forces with us

Join forces with nature

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