Not all probiotics are the same

Not all probiotics are the same: three bottles of Bio-Live on a bench outside with flowers
Over the last few years we’ve discovered more incredible details about the amazing complex community of microbes that makes up our gut microbiome, and about how crucial its health is for our physical and emotional wellbeing. And we know that taking a probiotic supplement is important to maintain balance and harmony inside our insides, and counteract whatever pollutants, antibiotics and toxins we may consume in today’s world. But when it comes to choosing a probiotic, there is a growing list of possibilities. There are all manner of yoghurts, drinks, pills and powders on offer and the word ‘bio’ is everywhere. What to look for? Because not all probiotics are the same: Is it sugar free? Why? Because added sugar, in any form, has no nutritional value and is associated with increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Many yoghurts and drinks labelled as probiotic contain added sugar so check the labels. Bio- Live ✓   What’s the medium? Then there’s the method of delivery to your gut. Pills, capsules and powders contain beneficial bacteria that have been freeze-dried and need to be re-activated within the body before they can go to work. But by the time they have been re-activated most have passed through the digestive system and have missed their chance to do their job. They may have a longer shelf-life, but they are not as effective as bacteria that arrive alive and kicking. Bio- Live ✓   How many different strains? Diversity is key. Nature thrives on diversity and is super abundant, just like the colonies of bacteria in our gut. Many allergies and diseases are linked to a lack of diversity of microbes in our digestion, and this lack of diversity is due to many factors: our chemical-fuelled lifestyles, over-cleanliness, antibiotics, stress and diet to name a few. Look for a probiotic that contains a variety of strains of bacteria, even if you don’t understand the long unpronounceable names (Hint: Look for bacteria strains from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium family). Anything your body doesn’t need it will allow to pass through you, you are just giving your microbes the widest choice of allies. Bio- Live ✓   Added herbs, minerals and juices? Humans evolved with herbs and have used their healing properties for millennia. Microbes evolved with humans and know how to deliver herbs within the body if and where they are needed. They work best in synergy with other herbs and minerals which maximises their health benefits and enhances general health and wellbeing. Minerals are essential for every bodily function. We believe in giving the body every possible opportunity to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Herbs, minerals and juices give a wide range of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative benefits. Bio- Live ✓   Is it fermented? When we get to the liquid probiotics, fermentation is best. Fermentation is an ancient method of preserving food using naturally occurring bacteria that adds essential enzymes and probiotics. Fermented foods and drinks maximise health benefits, help rid the body of toxins, and have huge health benefits. Bio- Live ✓   Will it get there? Our stomach acid can be a barrier for some probiotics on their way to the lower intestines. Be aware that the healthy acidity of your stomach is around 3 - 3.2ph (the border between acid and alkaline is 7.0) so your probiotic needs to be brewed to the same acidity to survive the journey to the gut. What’s more, our Bio-Live is water-based and when ingested doesn’t trigger the digestion process (stomach acid) and kill off any microbes. This means all the microbes can make it to your gut alive and ready to work. Bio- Live ✓   What’s the goal? It is our passion to multiply and spread good bugs. We hand brew high-quality microbial probiotics in a safe, wholesome environment, and we infuse them with love, valuing the importance of intention. We care about creating healthy biomes and the sustainability of our planet. If you are already taking Bio-Live regularly, you know it is the gold standard of probiotics for all these reasons. Now you can never run out of Bio-Live again with our subscribe and save service. Get a bottle delivered to your door with free UK postage and up to 30% off. That’s just 50p per day and it will always be your best deal when buying Bio-Live. Happy 2020 to all of you and may you be happy and healthy this year.

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