Introducing: Microbz for your garden

Did you know that plants need microbes too? And soil? The whole of life is determined by these microscopic creatures working together. In fact, there are more microbes in a teaspoon of good soil than there are people on earth. It never ceases to amaze us. Using chemical fertilisers and pesticides damages this complex ecosystem of beneficial microbes. Chemical fertilisers have been proven to reduce the nutritional content of vegetables and limit the diversity of microbes in soil and plants - which is fundamental to health. Smart balanced living is chemical free, it is all about learning to live in harmony with the beneficial microbes in and around us, to promote health and wellbeing. At Microbz we brew five products with beneficial microbes - also known as Effective Microorganisms - to help you feed the plants that feed you and protect our planet. They are all 100% natural and completely chemical free. PLANT BOOST £8.50 for 1 litre - NOW WITH 15% OFF UNTIL 25 JUNE Stimulates growth by delivering beneficial microbes and essential nutrients and minerals to your plants. Plant boost can be sprayed on plants in your garden or allotment right now. It will promote germination, help root formation, boost your flowers and maintain plant health. Get yours today.   POND BALANCE £8.50 for 1 litre - NOW WITH 15% OFF UNTIL 25 JUNE June is the perfect time to treat your pond with Pond Balance. Deliver billions of beneficial microbes into your pond to create a balanced, healthy habitat. It increases oxygen levels, breaks down algae and discourages pests. Completely harmless to aquatic life. Get yours today.    SOIL CONDITIONER £8.50 for 1 litre Designed to maintain your soil fertility, Soil Conditioner delivers beneficial microbes and essential minerals, restoring depleted soil in autumn and preparing the soil for planting in Spring. It improves the physical and biological condition of soil - and healthy soil means healthy plants. Get yours today.    SOIL REPLENISH £9.60 for 1 litre Soil Replenish returns essential minerals to the earth. Designed to promote increased yields and create stronger healthier plant growth. Stronger plants are more resistant to disease, pests, and environmental stress. Get yours today.   COMPOST ACTIVATOR £8.50 for 1 litre Create healthy compost and nutrient-rich soil with Compost Activator. It accelerates and improves the natural breakdown of organic material helping to increase oxygen and reduce smells, so there is less need to turn compost. Get yours today.   BOKASHI BRAN AND HOUSEHOLD COMPOSTER £6.95 for 600g of the bran and £89 for the composter We also promote Bokashi, a fermented wheat bran substrate - like a nice house for microbes to grow in - that naturally promotes fermentation of all kitchen and organic waste, including cooked food, within a composter. It reduces smells and helps to breakdown waste faster. Once fermented the waste is a powerful natural fertiliser and the liquid run-off is nutrient rich for indoor plants or use in the garden. Get yours today.    We want to know how you get on in your garden or allotment. Send your pictures or feedback to Happy gardening!

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