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Organic Gardening Liquid Feed

The entire cycle of life is determined by billions of tiny microbes and Microbz natural live cultures have many different uses and benefits to support this. When it comes to your garden, there are many benefits to taking care of it using organic methods. From promoting healthy soil to improving general plant health and growth, our range of microbial gardening products is a natural alternative to chemical pesticides and non-organic products.

With microbes you can:

Re-establish and strengthen the natural cycle and create a healthy environment in your plants and soil.
Support soil fertility and accelerate composting to increase microbial activity. Soil will then function as a living ecosystem sustaining plants, animals, and humans.
Improve pond water and promote plant growth and reduce algae, sediment and decomposition.

Why Choose Microbial Gardening Products?

Using organic methods of gardening with microbial products can help prevent loss of topsoil, toxic runoff, water pollution, soil contamination, soil poisoning, and death of beneficial insects, bird critters and other organisms whilst also contributing to disease control. Microbial gardening products can:

Maintain soil fertility: healthy gardens rely on soil health.
Deliver essential minerals: into the soil, preparing it for planting.
Encourage root formation.
Improve the physical and biological condition of soil: to promote healthy plants.
Help eliminate unwanted residue on food: pesticides, herbicides and fungicides can be found on food grown with synthetic fertilisers.
Improve the natural breakdown of organic materials.
Help increase oxygen and reduce odour: so there is less need to turn garden compost.

And the best part, Microbz unique combinations of beneficial microbes are safe to use near children and pets. Did you know we also offer products to support animal health? For further information about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 *The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.*

Microbz for your pets

At we combine active, beneficial microbes in unique blends to create a healthy environment for your pets naturally.

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Microbz for your horse

At we make unique natural combinations of beneficial microbes designed to benefit horses, stables and paddocks.

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Microbz for your farm

At we use beneficial microbes help to improve soil quality and reduce the need for fertilisers.

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