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Why Choose Microbial Gardening Products?

Wouldn’t you love your garden to be sustainable too? Gardening with beneficial microbes can help prevent loss of topsoil, toxic runoff, water pollution, soil contamination, and harm to beneficial insects, birds and other organisms whilst also contributing to disease control. Microbial gardening products can:

Maintain soil fertility: adding beneficial microorganisms helps healthy plants that rely on a vigorous soil and rhizosphere microbiome for germination, flowering and fruiting

Deliver essential mineralsinto the soil, preparing it for planting and plant growth

Improve water retention in lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens

Improve the physical and biological condition of soil by encouraging worms that aerate soil, break down clay and help create a loamy soil structure

Reduce unwanted residues on food: pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are found on food grown with synthetic fertilisers

Improve the natural breakdown of organic materials and reduce acidity in lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens

Increase oxygen and reduce odour in compost, accelerating decomposition with less need to turn compost piles

Produce greener more resilient flowers and vegetables so you don’t need to use pesticides or herbicides

Rebalance the ecology of ponds by reducing algae

And the best part? Microbz unique 100% natural formulations of beneficial microbes are safe to use near children and pets.

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