Saving the planet starts in your garden

Saving the planet can start in your garden

How often have you heard the saying, 'muck and magic' in terms of how your garden grows? The 'muck' bit is the soil, built up over millennia and made up of leaves, compost, old plants and other decomposed organic matter. And the 'magic' ingredient in productive soil is the vast network of wildlife under your feet - the billions of live bacteria, or microbes, that break down compost and deliver the nutrients that help plants grow strong and healthy.

We're so happy to welcome the spring with lighter, longer, warmer and (hopefully) drier days. It is a time to prepare your garden for summer. Whether you are growing flowers, vegetables or fruits, in beds, orchards or containers, adding good bacteria to soils, seedlings and compost piles will give a vital and 100% chemical free kick-start to a successful growing season. Plus you can care for the planet by looking after your garden naturally. Did you know:

This year use microbz in your garden to feed your patch of earth with beneficial bacteria. Create your own tiny nature reserve and protect your topsoil. All of our products are 100% natural.

Start with microbz Soil Conditioner: Healthy soil is a balanced ecosystem of billions of microbes. microbz Soil Conditioner maintains your soil's fertility. It delivers a host of beneficial microbes and essential minerals that prepare the soil for planting in spring. It encourages root formation and improves the physical and biological condition of soil - and healthy soil means healthy plants.

Compost Activator can be used all year round to maintain healthy compost and nutrient-rich soil. It will accelerate and improve the natural breakdown of organic matter, which helps to increase oxygen and reduce odour, so there is less need to turn compost.

Plant Boost stimulates spring plant growth by delivering beneficial microbes (effective microorganisms) and essential nutrients and minerals to promote germination, root formation, flowering and plant health whilst working to maintain the physical and biological condition of plants.

Pond Balance is best used for a healthy pond to deliver billions of beneficial microbes into your pond and create a balanced habitat for happy plants, and animals, as well as working to increase oxygen levels, reduce odour, break down algae and discourage pests. Safe for pond plants and animals, pets and children.

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