Natural home cleaning with microbes

Microbial cleaners: your perfect partner in grime

It’s time for chemical cleaners to bite the dust. Microbz multi-purpose cleaners are 100% natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and they are extremely effective. Perfect for natural home cleaning.

Microbial, or probiotic, cleaners restore the balance of positive microbes in your home, which naturally protects against pathogens. Our range caters for all areas of the home – we also supply natural air fresheners and textile cleaners – and is safe, allergy friendly and economical.

Studies show that microbial cleaners reduce overall microbial activity, reduce odours, and are actually safer, more effective and efficient than conventional cleaners. Click here for a recent study on microbial cleaners.

How do they work?

When you use a microbial cleaner you instantly deliver live beneficial microbes to the surface or textile within your home.

These beneficial microbes are experts at breaking down grease, fats and dirt naturally. They also neutralise any pathogenic (bad) microbes that might be present. Your surfaces will be clean and the good bacteria will crowd out the harmful bugs.

Cleaning with a chemical cleaner may wipe out all microbes but they come straight back. Science has proven that the more antibacterial products we use the more likely microbes are to mutate and develop resistance.

Chemical-free cleaning

Whether you want a multi-surface cleaner, a drain clearing product or a carpet cleaner, we have a natural cleaning product for you. Microbz natural, eco-friendly cleaning products clean tough surfaces – including stainless steel and ovens – and are excellent at removing stains on fabrics.

Our natural home cleaning range is as gentle as using warm water but with added microbial benefits. They go on working long after use and build up a bio-film of beneficial microbes that continue to protect surfaces and repel pathogens. And how good does it feel to know that what goes down your sink will not harm anything anywhere?

Why choose microbial cleaners

How to use

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Continued use of strong chemicals found in products such as fabric softener, laundry detergent and toilet cleaner can have a detrimental effect on your health and are harsh on surfaces. Natural products are a great alternative. They aren’t corrosive to floors, fixtures and fittings in the same way that some traditional cleaners can be and they won’t negatively impact your health.

Read more about the benefits of natural cleaning here and watch this video to learn exactly how microbial cleaners work.

The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

Introducing one solution: microbial cleaners

There are at least 300 chemicals routinely used in our homes that have little or no regulation. Because humans do not ingest them – and we go to special lengths to keep them out of our children’s way – they are not deemed as harmful, but the truth is that we spread them in our environment. These chemicals end up in our food, our water and in us.

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