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Looking for ideas for your locked down Easter? Get gardening

Locked down Easter: co-founder of Microbz Sue gardening in her pollytunnel

Staying at home in lockdown means more time in the garden. And what could be more creative than planting seeds, nurturing seedlings to grow strong, and eventually harvesting flowers, vegetables and fruits?

Eating from our gardens means eating delicious, organic produce, fresh and vibrant and straight to the pan or table. You can't get more green and local than that! If you are a novice gardener, try your hand at ordering seeds of easy to grow plants like nasturtiums and rocket, courgettes or lettuce (you can buy organic seeds; we like Tamar Organics).

Young children love to watch seeds sprout out of the ground, and witness the whole cycle of flower to fruit to seeds once more. In this unusual year, fresh green vegetables and fruits may be in short supply later this summer, so all the more reason to get pro-active. The foundation is a healthy soil, teeming with invisible life and packed with organic nutrients. Your helpmates here are Microbz Soil Conditioner which delivers billions of beneficial microbes plus fulvic and humic acid, and mycorrhizal fungi to your soil and Microbz Soil Replenish which replaces vital minerals lost through leaching. Once seedlings get going then Microbz Plant Boost comes into its own, helping root formation and building robust stems and leaves. At any stage, any time of year, our Compost Activator ensures a regular supply of well-rotted fermented organic compost that worms love to redistribute underground.

With these lighter, longer, warmer days, as the Earth is waking up to spring and readying herself for another summer of growth and abundance, don't you just want to be part of it all too?

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