Why is Bio-Live for Women good for hormones? Will it affect my Candida?

Why is Bio-Live for Women good for hormones? Will it affect my Candida?

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Hi, I have a couple of questions. Why is the prebiotic drink for women good for hormones : ie what sort of hormones will it affect ? Also if I have Candida will the drink affect it and make it grow? My son aged 14 needs some probiotics but is fussy about what he drinks can you suggest a good add in to hide the taste as the women’s prebiotic drink is quite strong to drink.  

Zara's Answer:

The Bio-Live for Women is brewed with herbs and nutrients which assist in the balancing of hormones. Having a gut with a healthy microbiome rich in beneficial microbes also works to keep the body communicating and functioning optimally so that hormones remain or return to balance. This is greatly help by a plant rich healthy diet and and lifestyle. I can’t say 100% that the Bio-Live won’t effect your candida, but I can assure you that the sugars are all used up in the fermentation and the beneficial microbes it contains work to put the candida back in its place. Candida is always present but only becomes a problem if the beneficials microbes have reduced greatly, creating as a consequence an environment in which the candida takes hold. I would also recommend taking caprylic acid supplement and olive leaf tea and having a refined sugar free diet. I recommend the Bio-live Gold or Dark for your son and he can take it mixed into something else such as fresh apple juice, coconut water, or such like. Just important it is not hot or too cold or processed….or diluted in a glass of filtered/spring water. Good time for him to discover how to support his gut with lots of veg and to avoid refined process foods as much as possible. Hope that is of help for you.

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