Is my body getting use to the Bio-Live Gold?

Is my body getting use to the Bio-Live Gold?

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I have been taking Bio-Live Gold for about 18months but I feel as though the benefits are not as strong as what they used to be, is it possible that my body is getting used to the probiotic? I started taking it to help with my gluten intolerance as it helped with the symptoms massively however it doesn't help as much anymore. Is it possible that I need to try a different type? E.g the Bio-Live for Women? I am also having ovarian problems so this may help also? Many Thanks for your advice  

Zara's Answer:

The body doesn’t get 'used to' beneficial microbes and then stop using them, they are something that the body requires to work with all the time and with today’s environment we live in and our lifestyles they tend to need replenishing constantly. To re-populate the large intestine it is harder than the small intestine as they have to survive for longer and are required in larger numbers to colonate the many layers of the epithelium of this part provided they are given the right diet to do this (and this is vital). The small intestine is easier as there is only one layer to effect and what we take arrives there quickly. So there is a quicker help with digestion here. Bio-live is formulated to survive the acid in the stomach but there will be some die-off as it passes along the whole tract. There are many factors involved in how well your body uses the microbes through out your digestive tract. Gluten intolerance if not celiac related is brought on by a compromised gut lining the causes of which can be many, together with the types of grains we consume nowadays. If Bio-Live helped but now doesn’t I would suggest that initially it was soothing the symptoms and helping initial digestion, but that now the underlying cause of the intolerance is still there and coming through or being exacerbated by something else. Do keep up with the Bio-Live but yes Bio-Live for Women could be a good one to try if you are also experiencing hormonal issues. There may well be a connection here but that would require a personal consultation to delve deeper. Hope this is of help for you, do contact me again if you would like to explore more.

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