Is Bio-Live Breathease safe to give a 6 month old baby who has cerebral palsy?

Is Bio-Live Breathease safe to give a 6 month old baby who has cerebral palsy?

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I was wondering whether this Bio-Live Breathease would be safe to use on a 6 month old baby? She has cerebral palsy and is fed through a tube so has no swallowing reflex. As a result she has lots of excess mucus and is often very sick to the point of choking after her feeds. They are currently feeding her a highly concentrated cows milk based formula (she has been on breast milk but was finding the volume hard to digest) which I believe is making the mucus production worse as cows products have this affect on me! However I have suggested to them that this is reviewed and as a user of your products thought this may also help but hurt want to make sure I recommend the right one. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this matter. Thank you for your help  

Zara's Answer:

Thank you for your enquiry.  I am Zara Kirk, nutrition advisor to Microbz.
Yes it would figure that the cows milk is increasing mucus production. I would ask to be changed to a goat formula and I have known parents who have been able to have the go ahead to source an organic wholesome version.
Beneficial microbes/probiotics are definitely good to give through the tube to support all the functions in the body and build the very young immune system - the childs GOO for YOU.
I am not a medical herbalist and so I would not be able to say definitively at what age or how much would be safe with cerebral palsy to give the breathease but I would not recommend it for a baby until after a year old but would advise you seek the advice of a medical herbalist too.

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