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The Green Future of Cleaning

The green future of cleaning: lady in floral dress spray probiotic cleaners on to a white surface
It turns out we have been doing it all wrong. So are you ready to discover the future of cleaning? We know that chemical cleaners and disinfectants are harmful to people, pets and the planet. They help to create so-called ‘superbugs’ that develop resistance to antibiotics and add to HAIs (hospital-acquired infections). There is also increasing evidence that they lower our natural immunity. Ingredients in chemical cleaners such as parabens, ammonia, Triclosan and triclocarban are absorbed through the skin and, once inside your body, compromise the bacterial diversity in your gut microbiota. We need to find better ways to clean our homes, workplaces, care homes and hospitals. Contrary to what we’ve been told, “killing 99% of germs” does not work. The average household contains at least 60 toxic chemicals of which most of them are not government regulated. Manufactures argue that in small amounts these toxic ingredients aren’t likely to be a problem. But when we’re exposed to them routinely, they can cause many health issues. Scientists in Norway recently released a 20-year study of more than 6,000 participants that revealed a clear link between toxic cleaning product use and the risk of developing lung troubles. But how can we possibly know all the risks involved in the combinations of chemical cocktails we regularly spray within our environment, week in and week out? It’s time to turn to nature. Enter a new, natural, proven and effective approach to cleaning: probiotic cleaners. Plant based cleaners are a good non-toxic step away from chemical cleaners. But probiotic cleaners go one step further. They not only devour dirt, grease and grime; they also decrease the number of pathogenic bacteria. Probiotic cleaners use beneficial bacteria to colonise surfaces and crowed out bad bacteria, in effect taking over the area, reducing the presence of harmful bacteria. And there’s a growing body of proof that it works. In December 2019, a review article listed 15 studies in hospitals and dental clinics since 2003, all of which record a significant reduction in surface pathogens after using a probiotic bacterial cleaner, rather than the routine chemicals. The results showed that using beneficial microbes not only controlled surface contamination by harmful microbes, but also worked effectively over time to maintain low levels of those pathogens. At Microbz we are proud to be teaming up with WeAreProbiotic to bring you an entire range of natural non-toxic probiotic cleaners: safe, effective, green, healthy, earth animal and child friendly . . . this is a technology for NOW that everyone and everything can thrive on.

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