Smart, safe and effective – what is it?

Smart, safe and effective – what is it?
A probiotic cleaner, of course! Adding more good microbes around your home and onto your surfaces works to crowd out bad microbes. Most commonly used eco-friendly cleaners use enzymes. However, enzymes are only effective during application and once a product has been applied, they stop working. Microbes build up a bio-film of positive bacteria which continues to work long after use and makes probiotic cleaners very effective. They are also completely natural, gentle on skin, allergy friendly and safe for children, pets and the planet. Chemical cleaners have a negative impact on people and the environment and could be causing long-term damage to the unique and delicate microbiome that we call ‘home’. An important drawback to using chemical cleaners is that they have been shown to increase resistant strains of harmful bacteria. A common misconception is that eco cleaning is expensive. This is not the case. At Microbz, we are able to make a concentrated cleaning solution which when mixed into a spray bottle will cost you no more than 32p. Also, you won’t need to re-apply our cleaners as frequently as chemical cleaners saving you time and money. Traditional chemical cleaners aren’t fit for modern cleaning demands and will not keep your home and family safe from germs. Clean with the power of nature this spring. You can save 15% when you by our Complete Cleaning Kit – providing you with everything you need to clean your home for the rest of the year – and free UK shipping across our cleaning range. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to our customers. Ashley works as a window cleaner and has been using our probiotic cleaners. Here is what he thinks.
  1. As a window cleaner how do you think probiotic cleaners compare to the chemical cleaners that other window cleaners use and the old fashioned bucket of water?
Using chemical cleaners leaves a very thin residue on the window, which when buffed just moves around. Water is easier to buff but it doesn't get rid of the dirt, especially the tough areas. But probiotic cleaners are the best of both - a powerful cleaner with water. It has the same power as everyday cleaners but without the chemicals and it's mixed with water, so the residue evaporates.
  1. Was it easy for you to understand how to use them and how they work?
Yeah, it's very easy to follow the instructions. Just put in the required amount of cleaner and mix with water.
  1. Do you think the windows stay cleaner for longer?
Yes, I've had occasions where my monthly customers haven't required a clean due to the cleaner being able to repel dirt and rain and keep the windows looking good for longer.
  1. Would you change to any other cleaners or cleaning method now that you have tried probiotic cleaners?
No, I would stay with probiotic cleaners because for me they are inexpensive, and my customers love the results. I don't have to carry around a massive source of water because a full spray bottle can clean 4-5 houses.
  1. Would you recommend them to your other customers, and do you use them elsewhere?
Yes, I would strongly recommend using a probiotic cleaner to my customers because they can use it on the insides of their windows, or they can use it around the house for everyday cleaning just as I do.
  1. Chemical cleaners promote the fact that they "kill 99% of all known bacteria". With probiotic cleaners you’re introducing bacteria, what do you think about this?
As I see it, bacteria are everywhere, and we will never be able to kill 100% of all germs and we would not want to. I know that not all germs are harmful so it's good that we don't kill them all but when using the microbial cleaner in my mind I feel like they are killing the bad germs and helping the good ones.  

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