Boost your immunity. Beat that cold.

Boost your immunity. Beat that cold.
Get the boost you need to ward off the winter blues. Buy one, get one free on Microbz Bio-Live Echinacea Plus and Bio-Live Breathease until 22 November. It’s winter, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Although the annual sniffle season can feel unavoidable, there are things you can do to boost your immune system and stay well. Common knowledge says eating a diet high in fibre, avoiding processed foods, reducing stress, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep are some of the ways. But a lesser known top priority is looking after your gut. Your body has more microbes than human cells - weighing approximately 1kg, the same size as a human brain and 70-80% of the immune system is located in the gut. Ideally, the gut will have a diversity and wealth of beneficial microbes, but if not nurtured, these can easily be depleted. An imbalance of beneficial microbes within the gut damages the immune system and increases the chance of getting an infection, a cold or flu and even an autoimmune disease. A gut that is rich in beneficial microbes fights off pathogenic (bad) microbes. The positive microbes have three lines of defence. First, they surround and neutralise the pathogen. Second, they form a barrier along the intestinal lining to prevent the pathogenic microbes entering the bloodstream. And lastly, if the pathogenic microbes get through the first two defences, the beneficial microbes send a message through the body to produce substances such as cytokines and chemokines, to neutralise the pathogenic microbes before they cause any damage. Changes in temperature can also suppress the immune system and make us even more prone to a cold or flu. As the outside temperature drops, we spend more time indoors where pathogenic microbes breed in crowded and humid rooms – especially those that are poorly ventilated. Airborne pathogens quickly have a negative effect on the immune system. Taking a probiotic is the best way to increase the number of beneficial microbes in your gut and to boost your immune system. Our Bio-Live brews are made with 14 families of beneficial microbes and contain 5 billion live bacteria per serving. They are brewed to the same ph level as your stomach (3.2), so once ingested, all those beneficial microbes make it through your stomach acid to your gut. So, which Bio-Live is best to take? Bio-Live Echinacea Plus Echinacea is a natural antibiotic and immune system stimulator and when mixed with beneficial microbes can help to boost the immune system and beat any cold or flu that has a foot-hold.

“I suffered from multiple bouts of flu. I looked online for Echinacea and tried various forms which were not effective. Having an interest in probiotics I came across Microbz and gave their Echinacea Plus product a try along with a few other supplements (vitamin C and olive leaf extract) and had no repercussion of my symptoms or bronchitis all winter. I was so impressed that I have ordered another batch and will continue to do so over the next few months. Highly recommended to anyone who suffers like me.” Angela

Bio-Live Breathease Bio-Live Breathease contains a variety of well-researched ingredients to help those who suffer from chronic bronchitis, struggle with high pollution levels or have asthma. Bio-Live Breathease is designed to aid the lungs and respiratory system.

“I have asthma and the last time that I had a cold I was wheezing and coughing continuously for several weeks and using my inhaler more than prescribed to be able to function or move normally. I used the Breathease probiotic and within 2 days my symptoms had all but gone. I now use the Breathease when I feel a cold coming on and will continue to use it over the autumn and winter.” Nicola

To find out more, watch Jeff’s video on Bio-Live Echinacea Plus here and Bio-Live Breathease here.

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