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This week we are delighted to be celebrating the magic that growing your own produce can do for your wellbeing, both physically and mentally with National Growing for Wellbeing Week. You can get 20% off across our whole gardening range with the code growyourown20. Did you know that it is partly the soil microbes in your garden that help to release serotonin in your brain, which makes gardening so relaxing and beneficial?

The soil beneath your feet supports the life in your garden, and soil is teeming with life. A teaspoon of healthy soil contains more microorganisms than there are people on the planet. Did you know, when you get out into your garden, the gardening that you choose to do will have a big impact on the soil beneath your feet?

Soils are essential for life. They help us grow plants and crops, provide habitats for insects, are a filtration system for surface water, maintain atmospheric gases, help to recycle nutrients and aid decomposition. The dirt beneath our feet is also an exceptionally high source of biodiversity with some estimates suggesting that at least one quarter of all species on the planet live in or on the soil.

But sadly, we haven’t been looking after this precious microbiome. The products that we typically use in our gardens contain chemicals and pesticides that have a negative impact on every aspect of soil health. You can’t see this invisible microbiome, and so it’s not easy to believe that it’s there, but you can see the effects of killing it off: poor soil structure, diseased plants, poor water retention, fewer insects, less wildlife, and an influx of pests.

All natural environments have a cycle of life and death. Microbes are crucial to support this cycle. They break down organic matter into the building blocks of life, making them available for rebirth and regrowth. The healthy breakdown of organic matter is called fermentation. During fermentation matter is broken down into carbohydrates, nitrates and phosphates, and nutrients are made available. If this process happens without the presence of oxygen, it is called putrefaction, which produces a rotting smell as methane and ammonia are being released. So, remember this; if it smells bad, add more microbes. Microbes are also responsible for recycling nutrients for soil fertility and plant growth.

From kitchen waste to blooming plants, microbes help every step of the way


an image of a packet of Bokashi lying on a bed of moss

Bokashi is a dried fermented wheat bran that naturally promotes fermentation of all food waste, cooked or uncooked. It suppresses unpleasant odours and accelerates fermentation of kitchen waste in a household composter such as a Bokashi bucket or food caddy. Once food waste has fully fermented, it can be worked into soil as a fertiliser. When diluted with water, the liquid run-off is also an excellent fertiliser for indoor pot plants or in the garden.

Compost Activator

An image of a bottle of liquid compost activator lying on a bed of moss
Using microbes in your compost helps it to naturally decompose and reduces rotting and unpleasant odours. There is less need to turn the compost heap, which can ferment anaerobically without rotting. Microbes accelerate the composting process and promote odour-free decomposition; the resulting compost promotes healthier, more fertile soil, with better water and nutrient retention.

Soil Conditioner 

An image of a bottle of soil conditioner with some soil and a trowel

Soil Conditioner has been designed as a natural and effective solution that delivers billions of friendly microbes plus vital minerals to build healthier and more fertile soil. The benefits of using Soil Conditioner include increased development of humus and water and nutrient retention in the soil, which can then support better root growth and help plants to be resistant to diseases.

Plant Boost

An image of a bottle of plant boost with some flowers

Formulated to stimulate plant growth naturally by delivering beneficial microbes along with essential nutrients and minerals. Watering regularly with Plant Boost aims to promote germination, root formation, flowering and plant health whilst working to maintain the physical and biological condition of plants. It is also excellent to promote lawn growth or as a lawn feed.

Plant Protector

An image of a bottle of plant protect lying on a bed of flowers

100% natural, chemical free insect repellent for plants. Plant Protector supports plants to repel pest infestation and fungal attack in two key ways. First, the beneficial microbes strengthen the leaves and boost the plant’s natural defence system. A healthy plant is more resilient and less susceptible to pest or fungal infestation. Second, the added garlic, cayenne, witch hazel and other ingredients suppress pests’ appetites, so they are not so greedy for your greens.

It is possible to garden without chemicals and to create and support an environment full of life – visible and invisible – by adding beneficial microbes back into every stage in your gardening process. The best bit? It is totally safe for kids, pets and the world.

Today we are launching an offer of 20% off our whole gardening range for one week. The Bokashi is drying in the sunshine and will take another week to be ready but you can pre-order it and we will send it as soon as it is ready. We hope you have a lovely time out in the garden in the summer sun.

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