Should I be consuming live cultures if I have SIBO?

Should I be consuming live cultures if I have SIBO?

Your Question:

Would you please tell me if I should be consuming live cultures with SIBO? There is so much conflicting information out there and I think you will have the correct answer.

Zara's Answer:

Thanks for your enquiry. Yes absolutely you should be consuming live cultures. In order for microbial balance to be restored you need the good guys in there.
Make sure that they are good quality and combined with a diet suited to yourself and your particular symptoms. This diet would be free of refined sugar and processed food, and full of fresh fruit and veg. Good filtered water is also important. So I do recommend the Bio-live products. Do get in touch if you need some help choosing which one, but have a good read of them and see which suits you best. Bio-Live Gold is a great all rounder but for example if you wanted to also balance hormones then Bio-Live Women is also a good choice.

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