What is the CFU of Bio-Live Dark?

What is the CFU of Bio-Live Dark?

Your Question:

I would like to know the CFU of Bio-Live Dark please,1-10 billion? I can't see it on the details of the product, just 15 families of bio live active cultures.

Zara's Answer:

Thanks for your question. We don’t put the exact numbers on the bottles because this is not a lab-produced product, it is naturally brewed, and even though this is to a strict recipe and in controlled conditions it is not possible to control exactly how The microbes decide to multiply. In previous analysis, we could roughly see there were about 5 billion per dose but we can’t state that as it will be variable a bit on either side of that. In addition to that, the exact numbers don’t matter as much as the quality. The most important thing is that they survive in the digestive system and that they are welcomed by a good diet with plenty of fruit and veg fiber and good quality filtered water. Then they can do their thing and colonise to your own body’s requirements.

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