My five year old has chronic constipation

My five year old has chronic constipation


My five year old has chronic constipation. Movicol isn’t working and her diet is poor. She refuses to eat anything new or vegetables. I am looking for something she will have as she is stubborn and fussy.


Good question Clare, constipation is a common condition for children and adults in our world of readily available processed foods. I would recommend Bio-Live Kids which you can put in organic apple juice at room temperature. Pure Aloe Vera juice mixed into some apple juice is also really good for gut motility. Does she like fruit? If so, just make sure she is getting a good quantity of that and don’t give the option for processed foods. Being fussy at that age is common for a number of reasons, try to persevere with only the healthy options being available and aim to remove the emotion around food, I know that can be hard because as a parent we just want them to thrive and enjoy their food! A child will not readily starve itself and if she or he can only choose something healthy from the table they will work it out. It's ok to be simple. Another idea could be to try growing a vegetable with your child to help spark interest. You could even try sprouting green lentils or mung beans or learning about foraging with her. Finding edible flowers like calendula, daisy, primrose, rose and borage can be really appealing for a child to decorate their food with but please make sure they are growing away from roadsides and pesticides. I hope this is helpful and your daughter's digestion improves.  

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