Can I help my skin by helping my gut?

Can I help my skin by helping my gut?

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I'm a 23 year old student, who left Belgium and decided to start a PhD in Spain about 11 months ago. However, ever since I moved to Spain, I couldn't enjoy my time... because I got breakouts. Within the first three weeks of living in Valencia, my skin transformed from crystal clear to a disaster. I'm a healthy vegan/plant-based who eats as natural as possible and is very active. I couldn't and still can't believe this is happening to me. Certainly not because I barely had skin issues during my puberity. I have done a lot of research, seen doctors, homeopaths etc but still here I am with a face full of impurities. Besides the physical pain, it comes with a load of emotional stress as well. I'm feeling sad and tired of not being able to help myself out if this situation. Since I believe I'm already pretty healthy (based on blood results) and active, I have been thinking that maybe stress and hormones could be a major factor of my problem, besides the environmental aspect (water and airpollution in Valencia is severe). On the level of the enviornmental aspect, I don't think there is much I can do. I bought myself a filter, to be able to take filtered showers etc. but that's about it. However, I was thinking that maybe on the level of my immune system, gut and hormones, I could boost my body in some way. That's why I came accros to Microbz. Can I ask you about your thoughts about my story, if you think boosting my immune system, helping my gut and improving my hormone balance would help me out and if so, which product would you suggest me? Thank you in advance!  

Zara's Answer:

Thank you for your inquiry. It is actually very common for this sort of thing to happen with a change of life and change of city or country. My son also experienced this. The number one aspect is stress. Even though you can be happy and excited about your new life the changes do create a stress in the body because it has to adjust to new things all around. As I am sure you are aware, your skin is an organ and for some people it is the organ which the body chooses to use as its vent for stress and any changes in diet or body function. There are so many factors which affect it. More sunshine and heat also do draw toxins out of the body through the skin, so there could be an aspect of this which although distressing is positive in the long run. You are right to think about the gut and immune system. This is the first area to be effected by any stresses. Yes a Microbz product will greatly assist in rebalancing. Your microbiome will have been knocked by mental and emotional stress and change of water, air and diet and indeed having a completely different national microbial environment around you. Some people can be more sensitive to this than others. Bio-live for Women will be a good support (Bio-Live Gold or Dark are good too) along with your plant based diet. But it will take some time for your own microbiome to adjust and find its balance. Definitely filter your water for drinking and bathing. The microbiome of the skin itself which is different to the gut also needs time to adjust and so I would suggest trying one of the Microbz Bioemsan skin care range too, to comfort and assist the skin's protective layer. You sound very aware of your food and lifestyle so I am sure you are doing all you can, but the distress it is causing you is also adding to stress in your system. I completely understand, as I have a very sensitive skin too, but somehow finding a way to feel at peace with yourself will be helpful. Aware Healing Detox Bath Clay is also very good to use externally and internally to help draw away toxins and heal. I do hope you find this helpful and do let us know how you get on.

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