Would it be good to still use Bio-Live with diverticulosis?

Would it be good to still use Bio-Live with diverticulosis?

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I’ve used Bio-Live Gold for a long time but stopped recently thinking. It was causing me to have occasional diahorria. Now I’ve discovered that I have diverticulosis (symptom of which is diahorria) I wondered if I would be better to continue using Bio-Live. I was also interested in your new varieties. Please will you advise?  

Zara's Answer:

Thats great to hear you have been using Bio-Live regularly. With diverticulosis there is a risk of toxic build up and it is very important to have a constant intake of beneficial microbes. It is much more difficult to effect the microbes in the large intestine than in the small intestine and larger quantities are required so I would double your dosage. Most important with diverticulitis is diet and exercise. If you are a meat eater there could be a build up of residue which would be good to detox. A gentle gut cleanse would be advisable, and then a focus on supporting the gut lining. A very plant rich varied diet is advisable but needs to be personally tailored. If you would like further individual advice for the diet please do contact me again.

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