Fever and stomach aches after a 10 day business trip

Fever and stomach aches after a 10 day business trip

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I've just returned from a very complex 10 day business trip to Indonesia and I had fever, aches, runny nose for two days after transmogrifying into stomach upset and bronchial constriction (much mucus sorry to say). I cannot recall when I last had a cold or upset stomach. My daughter said to ask you then buy something! I put it down to exhaustion and general wear and tear on an old man's body. Look forward to hearing back.  

Zara's Answer:

Very sorry to hear of your troubles. Sounds like you picked up a bug there and yes a Microbz Bio-Live will definitely be wise to take even if you are feeling recovered by now - which I hope your are - as your microbiome will have taken a hit and the Bio-Live will help to resettle this and strengthen the immune system, which was probably under stress from the trip and complexities you were dealing with! Do hope you feel totally restored again soon.

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