Bio-Live: Magnesium is a key mineral in Bio-Live Gold, Bio-Live Dark, Bio-Live Women and Bio-Live Kids.

Source: Almonds, barley, brewers yeast, cashews, cocoa, cod, eggs, fig, kelp, leafy greens, legumes, lima beans, mineral water, molasses, parsnip, seeds, soybeans, wholegrain cereals.

Factors increasing demand: Achlorhydria, alcoholism, cirrhosis, athletes, arthritis, astronauts, bowel resection, chronic fatigue, coffee excess, diabetic acidosis, diarrhoea, type ll diabetes, emotional stress, eclampsia, heart failure, epileptics, hyperparathyroidism, kidney stones, lactation, liver cirrhosis, muscular dysfunction, noisy environments, pancreatitis, pregnancy, radiation, soft tissue calcification.

Therapeutic uses: Alcoholism, adrenal stress, allergic rhinitis, angina, anxiety, asthma, bursitis, calcium spurs, heart conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, convulsions, depression, confusion, diabetes, eclampsia, excessive perspiration, fluids retention, gallstones, headaches, muscular cramps, restless legs syndrome………to name but a few.

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