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We’re really proud of our team which is committed to delivering the best products for health and wellbeing. Find out more about the Microbz team and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about microbes and what they can do for you.


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The labyrinth

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol relating to wholeness. It is a meandering path representing a journey to our centre for reflection and back out again into the world. In 2005 the Spirthill team built a labyrinth as a tool to remind us of the wholeness of life – you can even see it on google earth! Microbes are naturally holistic because they are always looking for balance. When the time came to find a symbol for working with them, the labyrinth was a perfect fit.


The purity of our water is important because we know microbes flourish in chemical free environments. We filter the fluorides and chlorides out at source and allow tap water to stand for a minimum of 2 hours so that any residual chemicals can evaporate. We use ceramics in all our brews to help restructure the water molecules with the aim that they can be easily absorbed by people, animals and plants.

Check out Jeff’s video on water and read our blog post to find out how to make your water healthier.

The cycle of life

All natural environments exist in a cycle of life and death and microbes are crucial at every step. As humans, we struggle to close the cycle of life, leading to pollution and waste problems. Microbes break down organic matter into the building blocks of life, so they are available for rebirth and regrowth.

Find out more about the cycle of life here.