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Time to keep it simple

Time to keep it simple with Bio-Live simple: family of three sat outside drinking Bio-Live Simple smiling and happy|Time to keep it simple: jeff and sue allen (co-founders of microbz) signature

We know that many of us are having a really tough time during this pandemic. There are issues to deal with emotionally, financially and physically. We are here to help. During this health crisis we want you and your family to get the microbes you need to stay healthy at an affordable price. We're all feeling the pinch right now and so every penny counts but supporting your long-term health should not be a compromise. We have spent the last few weeks working hard to bring you a new probiotic. Introducing microbz simple (previously Bio-Live Simple); our first 1litre probiotic for the whole family packed full of simply microbes. No herbs or minerals just essential beneficial bacteria for everyone from toddler to grandparent.

Simple, simply because . . .

  • Microbes are fundamental to your health. These powerful invisible organisms are the building blocks of our very existence. We know that increasing the diversity of microbes in your gut will help to build a strong immune system and fight off pathogens and disease, so taking a live liquid probiotic teeming with good microbes is a must.
  • Taking microbes could also support your mental health. Not sure about you but we've noticed that we've been more emotionally and mentally challenged during this global pandemic. By taking microbes and supporting your gut you are also supporting a healthy mind.
  • Everyone in your family can take microbz simple; a powerful 100% natural probiotic brew with a diverse combination of live beneficial microbes available in a 1litre family size bottle.
  • And the combination of microbial cultures will benefit any environment. They are microbes that support life and wellbeing. So, don't be shy when it comes to using them; share some with your pets, spray some on surfaces for some TLC, or pour down a smelly drain¦ you can't overdo it.
Microbes offer a solution to many of our present problems. They are sustainable, chemical free, 100% natural and extremely effective. They get the job done. We are thrilled with this addition to our range and we hope you like it too. We hope it helps you and your family to keep safe and well during this time of change and uncertainty. With love from our family to yours. Time to keep it simple: jeff and sue allen (co-founders of microbz) signature

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