Will microbes help my baby's colic?

Will microbes help my baby's colic?

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I just ordered 250ml goo for you to be shipped to Berlin, Germany. It is for my baby girl who is suffering from colics since the 3rd day after giving birth. Now, she is 11 days old and often in pain after breast feeding. I was hoping you would advise me on the dosage and usage.... is it better if I drank it and she'll benefit from it through breast feeding or can she also take it herself??? What dosage would you recommend? I appreciate your response and can't wait for the delivery ;-)

Zara's Answer:

Blessings for your new little girl. There can be different reasons for colic. For example it can be wind, sometimes babies swallow a lot of air when feeding (be sure to rub her back after feeding). It can come from tensions in the gut and can even come from tensions in the head from birth (cranial osteopathy is good for this). It can also depend on what you have eaten, and in very rare cases it can be from a lactose intolerance. Sometimes all is well but they still seem to show symptoms of colic. I have had 4 children and they all suffered with colic for different reasons. Making sure the environment is relaxing and gently massaging her tummy may help too. Did she have a natural birth or caesarean? If it was caesarean then she may not have all the beneficial microbes but breast feeding is absolutely a fabulous way to introduce these as is lots of close contact with you. If she had any antibiotics at birth or it was a caesarean then you can put some GOO for YOU in water to give her on a teaspoon otherwise when she starts taking some solid food between 4 and 6 months you can introduce the drink to her. Until then breast milk changes to suit your individual baby and is the ideal food/drink for her to be ingesting. She is so young that at this stage I would recommend that you take the Microbz drink, Bio-Live Gold, Dark or Women, yourself and you can also introduce other well produced fermented foods into your diet so that you are increasing your quota. You could put a bit on the nipple before feeding. You can clean the things she will start holding and chewing on with the Microbz drink or cleaner too, though the cleaner has quite a strong smell, but definitely good for the whole house!

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