Should I change my probiotic so I don't always get the same gut bacteria?

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Your Question:

I believe from a nutritionist that you should change up your gut bacteria and not always use the same one? Please can you give me some advice as to whether we should be looking at getting three different products in our subscription, as opposed to three the same ie Bio-Live Gold?

Zara's Answer:

If you were only taking one or two strains, as with some probiotics, that may be good advice. But with Bio-Live you are getting a whole community of soil-based strains, and your gut will take what it requires and create its own environment. The biome is quite an amazing thing; if it is exposed to a variety of strains it won’t just ‘become those strains’. Your biome is totally individual and will even be able to diversify within itself without being given new specific strains. It is constantly changing.
Most important thing is a good diet to support your own biome and reducing stressors in life.
So if Bio-Live Gold is working for you do stay with it, and if at some point you feel you would like to change the herbal focus that is also great.

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