I am looking for probiotic product for my 2 year old son?

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I am looking for probiotic product for my 2 year old son (and maybe the rest of the family too). I found the strain information in your MICROBZPEDIA section. I am looking at the Bio-Live Kids product. Can you give a rough indication of how much of each strain would be in your recommended doses? And if possible point me in the direction of any studies on the strains used.

Zara's Answer:

Our products are natural, based on EM (effective microorganisms) and fermented by hand and not lab based. As such they are more like a food product, based on nature and therefore variable. Like a sourdough bread, you know which strains are there to begin with but you don’t know the exact quantities in the risen loaf.
So we do not control the exact amounts in each bottle although the mother starter and each batch is tested for quality.
In the human body each microbiome is completely individual and when probiotics are ingested the beneficial microbes and the gut get to work establishing themselves in the ratios which are needed/in direct relationship with the individual.  So there are always variables. The beauty of having a diverse range of beneficial microbes is that is how they work in nature and they work as a community. No microbe is at its best individualised on its own, and if one observes an individual microbe alone it functions differently to how it behaves within a healthy diverse, synergistic community.
In children the microbiome is being established, and it is extremely beneficial to be exposed to a wide range of microbial life so that the strains can pick and choose how they will establish their own community. Bio-Live Kids supports this vital process of building a diverse microbiome.
I hope that helps to explain our approach.
There are many studies out there - It's an incredible world, but the work of understanding microbes is very young compared to its complexity which may
never be fully understood; its scope is way beyond the history of humans, and so no study is definitive.
Our FAQ page may be of interest https://microbz.co.uk/faqs/.

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