Keeping horses healthy on Rushall Organic Farm

Keeping horses healthy on Rushall Organic Farm

Julie Wookey and her family own and run Rushall Organic Farm a 5,000 acre organic farm in Wiltshire that also offers glamping, fly fishing and shooting. Julie has been using the microbes to support the horses health and habitat. She says,

"If you have horses, you need to add microbz horse nutrition (previously Horse BioNutrition) to their list. I have been using the Horse BioNutrition for over 18 months. Every morning I mix 20-30mls into each horse's food. Their worm count has lessened because the microbes keep their gut clean. Their droppings smell less. Actually, at first, it was really foul as they were clearing out their systems, and now their droppings are green, loose, fibrous and free of worms. Their condition has improved greatly. The 22 year old maintains his top line and they both have lovely shiny dappled coats. They use their food better. The beneficial bacteria help them use it more efficiently and I don't have to feed them so much.

I also use the Healthy Habitats to spray their stables and straw every couple of months. After a good dousing, I notice there is no smell and fewer flies inside and this lasts for over a month. All I do is pick up the manure and sprinkle some fresh straw on top.

I would say to anyone, try it and see the benefits for yourself!"

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