Get to know affiliate Katherine Harberd

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What is your job title?

Owner of Aligned-Balanced-Connected. I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Masterson Method Practitioner, Soundcodes Practitioner for Atlas-in-Balance and offer Low-Level Laser Therapy. My work involves Inner Influencing, Equi-Align / EquiTact, Tellington Touch and Connected Riding, Horse Speak, Motiva Training, Equine Breathing, Reiki, Zoopharmacognosy and experimenting with Equiculture / Equicentral and Paddock Trails. I am developing my understanding of human and equine anatomy, digestion and nutrition, and skills in gardening, grass-farming and composting and increasing pastural biodiversity.

How did you get into this line of work?

I guess it mostly started with working out how to stop falling off my horses!

What is your favourite thing about your work?

The more I know the more I want to know and there is never an end to learning. I love testing and even reversing the usual norms. What are the things that we do habitually without considering their true benefit or scientifically proven advantage? Is there a better way to do these things? Do we confine ourselves within our assumptions about life and would we have a happier experience if we explore our self-imposed boundaries?

What is your top health tip?

I am currently exploring the nutritionist's recommendations for a diet without grains or dairy or eggs and limited carbohydrates and sugars which is an interesting challenge! Home grown vegetable soup made from bone broth is perfect (unless you are vegetarian). Baked butternut squash with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a dollop of olive oil along with pan-roasted brussels sprouts and (unless fish is not your thing) monk fish in a coconut-lemongrass sauce. I have adapted a delicious gingerbread recipe or (can't have both in one sitting) an outstanding fudgy chocolate cake to top off my culinary experience. I do like cake!

What is your favourite activity for the season?

Playing with my horses, and painting pictures - if only! - and eating cake of course!

Which is your favourite probiotic from the microbz range? And why?

My preferred products are your cleaning products, because they clean without chemicals. Relating to a supplement then the answer is microbz simple, because it is brewed without grains!!

How does your work connect to microbz?

I can't compost without microbes or keep house, stables and parental home chemical- and bleach-free unless I can harness the help of microbes. My exploration into biodiversity is all about working with rather than against nature and the microbes / Microbz!

What is your top eco tip?

Experiment with composting¦ but it is a science rather than an art so you might like to check out Dr Elaine Ingham's work.

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