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The important things in life

At Microbz we value each other, our work and our environment. These are our Microbz organisational values:

Quality with care: our high-quality microbial products are hand brewed in a safe, wholesome environment by knowledgeable people who care about creating healthy biomes and the sustainability of our planet.

Harmonious relationships: microbes can help us live well, in harmony with ourselves and with nature. That’s because microbes are the masters of good relationships and the balance they bring.  

Mutual gain and cooperation: we aim to work cooperatively with each other, our partners and our customers – just like the microbes do! We aim to enable our business to grow and flourish and our people, partners and customers to be fulfilled.

Contribute and educate: there is much still to learn about microbes. We believe it is important to continue learning, innovating and sharing our knowledge.  


We strongly believe that wellbeing is of the body and of the mind, which is increasingly understood as being connected. Our sister company VisionWorks offers workshops and coaching to support emotional wellbeing and build positive relationships.

VisionWorks was established to help people in their relationships. Many people live with emotional pain and experience their relationships, which offer a great opportunity for personal growth, as chronically difficult. It doesn’t have to be this way. By learning some principles of emotional intelligence, it is possible to change just about anything and to enjoy a happy life. Jeff and Sue, having learnt every principle the hard way, are compassionate and loving guides through this process.

We run Vital Health retreats that are an opportunity to reboot and rejuvenate. In a peaceful setting you can focus on the physical, psychological and spiritual elements of health. Meditation, yoga, juicing, massage and relaxation are on offer to help with this process.

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Social change and Development

Every time you buy a 475ml bottle of Bio-Live online we give 50p to a food project in India. This remarkable initiative gives rural children and their mothers the best possible start from conception for 1000 days.

Adequate nutrition is fundamental to a child’s development. Research shows that the time from a child’s conception to two years old is crucial for optimum growth, health and progress. But in India 55% of people live in poverty, and nearly 60% of children under 5 are underweight or have stunted growth. This means they are likely to grow up with irreversible physical and mental underdevelopment, affecting their education and working lives.

We are partners with Social Change and Development (SCAD) based in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. SCAD works in 600 villages and helps 52,000 vulnerable children and their mothers with better nutrition, education and healthcare.

With support from Microbz, over the last 2 years, SCAD has distributed nearly 25,000 packets of nutritious nutri mix in 300 villages. Thank you all for buying Bio-Live online!

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VisionZambia is dedicated to working with communities that need support in creating their own development. At present VisionZambia work with a large community in Linda Compound, near Lusaka.

Approximately 45,000 people live in Linda and most are challenged by a lack of basic services including health care, education and access to water and sanitation. HIV is pervasive in this part of Africa and many children are orphaned at a young age or cared for by their elderly grandparents.

VisionZambia believes that it is important to work in partnership with the Linda community, so that both groups can develop and learn from the relationship. The objectives of the charity are: the advancement of education and training, the relief of poverty through income-generating activities which become self-sustaining and the preservation and protection of health. 

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