Iron: An image of the mineral Iron ferrous sulphate




Bio-Live: Iron is a key mineral in Bio-Live Gold, Bio-Live Dark and Bio-Live Kids.

Source: Almonds, apricots, avocado, clams, liver, kidney, oysters, parsley, pine nuts, soy beans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, poultry, red wine, wheat germ yeast.

Factors increasing demand: Alchlorhydria, anaemia, copper deficiency, excess intake of calcium, haemorrhage, ingestion of excess antacids, coffee, tea, pregnancy, excessive intake of dairy products, sugar and fat.

Therapeutic uses: Amylophgia, anaemia, ADD (especially in those with low ferritin levels), blue sclera, burning mouth syndrome, brittle nails, colitis, fatigue, hypochlorhydria, elderly clients, infection, interrupted sleep patterns, learning deficits and menstrual problems.

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