Paddock Bio Green - Lindsay Cotterall

I have owned 2 acres for about 25 years. Before I purchased it cows and sheep had grazed on it but no fertilizers had been used.

About 7 years ago I used a recommended mineral supplement for the land which promoted the growth of the grass along with the weeds. It did not look healthy or vibrant and the benefits were short-lived. This is the only treatment it has received and it is occasional grazed by sheep for about 2 weeks at the end of the grazing season, but only if the ground is dry enough. The ground had been grazed very low by the horses then thoroughly harrowed. Bulbous and creeping buttercups and docks were taking over the field and there were areas of moss and the ground was quite poached in places. All traces of dung beetles and worms had gone.

After just one spray of microbz Foliar Feed (previously Paddock Bio Green),we had dandelions which I am delighted about because they are so high in nutritional value, we then had mushrooms for the first time for several years. The poached areas are showing clover and grass growth and different grasses are beginning to come through that have been suffocated by the creeping buttercups.

The new growth of plants are now competing very well against the negative ones and in some places are now dominant. This has enabled me to combine good grazing time into the horses track management system into September! We also have a growing number of dung beetles and worms. 

I am delighted to have turned this paddock around with microbz.

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