Can you recommend the best thing to boost my immune system?

Can you recommend the best thing to boost my immune system?

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I am experiencing a lot of symptoms of being very overtired, I believe my immune system is at a low. I have a fungal nail infection, athletes foot, ringworm, a boil on my urethra, 2 week cycle periods, low haemoglobin counts and low iron. Can you recommend the best thing to bolster my immune system so I can fight this please?  

Zara's Answer:

Sorry to hear of your distressing symptoms. These are symptoms of an underlying depletion in your whole system and build up of toxins. I would need to recommend a phone or person to person consultation with you in order to address all this properly. Please do get in touch if you feel to. In the meantime I do recommend starting on the Bio-live regular or for Women and looking at writing your own case history of symptoms and keeping a food and lifestyle diary for a couple of weeks. This is useful to get a sense of the wider picture of your health and where changes can be made to support you. Definitely they are all things that can be addressed successfully, to bring you relief and wellbeing, but it does take some time to restore health properly and your body is definitely calling you to action.

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