microbz silage

Natural microbial probiotic that increases the nutritional value and palatability of silage for healthy animals

Microbz silage is fermented with microorganisms derived from healthy soil, algae and molasses. Live microorganisms turn the putrefaction process into fermentation, reducing harmful bacteria and fungi in silage to benefit animals. Effective microbes also detoxify run-off and eliminate odours and flies. The resulting silage increases the feed intake because it has lower ph and tastes better.

For spraying on fresh silage.

Please note that orders over 1000l of microbz silage may need to be brewed. It can take 5-6 weeks from purchase to delivery. We will give you an accurate delivery time within 5 days.

Please contact agri@microbz.co.uk if you have any questions about the products.

Sale price£65.00

Size: 25 litres
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